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Camco RV Vent Insulator And Skylight Cover Top

Camco RV Vent Insulator And Skylight Cover Top

Now that colder weather is here, it’s a good time to talk about one important and easy way to keep the warmth inside your RV and the cold out.

One way we’ve found is by insulating our RV’s roof hatches.  It sounds too simple, but in fact, you lose a tremendous amount of heat in the winter through your thin plastic hatch covers.

The Camco RV Vent Insulator And Skylight Cover is a simple yet very effective way to insulate your hatches and keep the warmth inside.  The insulators are soft fabric on all sides except for the side that faces upwards which is a shiny reflective material meant to increase its insulation properties.

The vent insulators are designed to fit standard 14 inch RV hatches.  So, if your hatches are not that size the Camco RV vent insulator will not fit your hatches.

Camco RV Vent Insulator And Skylight Cover Bottom

Camco RV Vent Insulator And Skylight Cover Bottom

These insulators are a cheap and easy way to help keep you warm in the winter … oh, and cooler in the summer.  That’s right.  They also help keep the heat out of your RV on those hot summer days when the sun is beating down on your roof.

The difference in temperature during cold winter days or hot summer days can be felt just by placing your hand up near the roof by your hatch.  You can feel a huge temperature difference when the vent insulator is in place and when it’s not.

We highly recommend the very affordable Camco RV vent insulator if you do any RVing in cold or hot weather.  We have been using ours for over a year and can’t imagine RVing without them.

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