Southern Hops Brewing Company














  • It exists
  • They have domestic beer
  • Good pizza
  • Live music
  • Good service


  • Didn't like any of their micro beers
  • Band may call you out

Address: 911 S Sunset Acres Ln, Florence, SC 29501
Phone: 843-667-1900

Southern Hops Brewing Company

Southern Hops Brewing Company main entrance

Original Post, May 26, 2017, Updated, Febuary 12, 2020:

Lora and I were staying at the most boring KOA right off i95 and we needed some sweet, sweet relief.  I did a quick Google search and found Southern Hops Brewing Company that wasn’t too far away.  It was rainy and icky outside and we needed some comfort food and some good brews.

The brewery was built into a warehouse like building with metal sides and there was a warm glow spilling out from their front door.  We pulled our hoodies over our heads and ran for the door.

Inside there was a one man band playing live music off to our right on a small stage.  There was restaurant seating to the left and a very, very long bar straight ahead of us.  We headed for the bar which was about one third full.

The bartender was fast and friendly, but they didn’t have a single home brew that sounded good to us.  So, we ordered a couple of domestic bottle beers.  Ewwww, I know.  But, what you gonna do?  We ordered a pizza and called it a night.

As we left Southern Hops Brewing Company, not too long after we had arrived, the one man band actually called us out as we left.  How rude!!

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Southern Hops Brewing Company stage

Southern Hops Brewing Company’s stage as you enter


Inside Southern Hops Brewing Company

Inside Southern Hops Brewing Company as you enter. The stage is off screen to the right.

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