LiL’ Charlie’s Restaurant & Brewery












  • Easy access and parking
  • Restaurant and Brewery
  • Comfy logde like ambiance
  • Large outdoor seating area
  • Good food


  • Small selection of brews (although this may be a pro for some people)
  • Small taproom could be crowded

Address: 504 East E Pearl St, Batesville, IN 47006
Phone: 812-934-6392

The entrance to Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

The entrance to Lil’ Charlie’s Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

Original Post, August 2, 2019, (see updates below):

Lora and I were traveling from the Thor RV factory, where we had some work done to Freya, back home to Outdoor Resorts of Gatlinburg.  We stopped for the night at the little town of Batesville, Indiana where they had a small brewery called LiL’ Charlie’s Restaurant & Brewery.

The brewery had more of a rustic restaurant feel than that of a brewery.  The ambiance felt like a comfy cabin or mountain lodge restaurant.  Each of the rooms we saw on the way to the bar, had a similar feel with tables of people spread about.  The bar was in a large “livingroom” and was a rather smallish bar that sat maybe 5 or 6 people.  The brewery also had a large patio with outdoor tables each with an umbrella for shade.  It was chilly the day we visited and there were plenty of seats available on the patio.

The patio area at Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

The patio area at Lil’ Charlie’s Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

Lora and I settled on the Nobbler Pale Ale which was the breweries American Pale Ale.  We both enjoyed the beer, but found it difficult to get service because the bartender was more interested in flirting with a local guy than serving the few patrons at her bar.  In any case, we thought the Nobbler Pale Ale was a good brew.  We would go back to this brewery,  however, if we recognized that same bartender, we’d opt for a table rather than sitting at the bar.

The beer list at Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

The beer list at Lil’ Charlie’s Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

UPDATE, October 6, 2021:

Lora and I found ourselves in Batesville, IN once again this time for two weeks.  Lil’ Charlies Brewery was the only game in town and soooooo, here we go.  We ordered the Nobbler Pale Ale once again and yuck.  They changed the recipe and we both found it way to … um, spicy, for our taste.  We both switched to their Rear View Blonde Ale and really liked this brew.

All the food we had at Lil’ Charlies Brewery was very good with some of the most tasty chicken quesadillas we’ve ever eaten.  The prices were right with some of the cheapest beer prices we’ve seen in a long time.

On this visit, the service was excellent.  There was a different bartender and he was attentive and very friendly.

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