Liberty Brewery and Grill












  • Possibly good ambiance if they would just clean the place
  • Good service
  • Best steak tacos ever
  • Great location with easy parking
  • Lots of shops and walking
  • Large bar


  • Dirty, dirty, dirty. The dirtiest brewery we've been in
  • Crowded while in season
  • Parking can be hard while in season

Address: 7651 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
Phone: 843-626-4677

Original Post, September 30, 2019, Updated, March 22, 2020:

Liberty Brewery and Grill is permanently closed.  Read below for a possible reason why …

Lora and I were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a two week vacation.  We headed over to Barefoot Landing to see if it was still the way we remembered it.  It wasn’t.  It was bigger with a lot more shops and restaurants and people.  It was hot as heck, very little shade, and people were being rude.  Nothing seemed familiar except for the long dock walkways that crisscrossed the lake.  We were getting hangry and started looking for some place to eat … that’s when we discovered we weren’t at Barefoot Landing at all, but were instead at Broadway at the Beach.  No wonder nothing seemed familiar.

We went into a chain restaurant and grill and after being ignored at the bar for more than 10 minutes, we left.  We’re glad we did.  Back on the other side of the lake we found a brewery, Liberty Brewery and Grill.

This place was dirty.  I mean the bar top was dirty.  The floors were dirty.  The ceiling was dirty and the place had an odd odor (not that uncommon when beer is being made).  The decor was dark and woodsy and this only intensified the dirty feel for me.  I rarely find myself wanting to walk out of a place, but my instincts were telling me to … well, to double check that bench before sitting down.

The brewery/restaurant was mostly empty and Lora and I were the only people sitting at the long bar that overlooked the brewer making her magic behind a large glass wall.  The brewmaster was a woman.  Nice!  The barkeep was fast, friendly, and helpful at selecting a beer.  Lora and I both had the Honest IPAble and found it to be a good beer.

Even though this place was dirty and our spidey sense was tingling, we were both sooo hangry that we had to order something to eat.  We both got their steak tacos which arrived quickly and well presented.  You could order the tacos as a platter or individually one taco at a time.  I have to tell you … these were the best steak tacos either of us had ever had.  They were absolutely delicious and we ordered seconds.

After lunch, I found the bathroom to be disgusting and in no way did it pass my bathroom test.  The Liberty Brewery and Grill had a good character with charm.  It just needed to be cleaned.  I know we were in Myrtle Beach at the end of their season, but there really isn’t any excuse for the place being in such bad shape.  It really needed to be closed for a week (or two) to be cleaned from top to bottom.

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