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iechyd Da Brewing

iechyd Da Brewing Company, Elkhart, IN

iechyd Da Brewing Company, Elkhart, IN

Original Post, May 23, 2018:

iechyd Da Brewing Company in Elkhart, IN is one of our favorite micro breweries. Their beer was excellent and their open model of serving guests and allowing them to move freely inside the tap room was fantastic.  They also served some of the best pizza we've had anywhere.

UPDATE, November 3, 2019:

We visited iechyd Da Brewing again the other day while on a trip to Elkhart, IN.  Their pizza remains one of our favorite brewery pizzas and their tap room was still unique, modern, and clean.  They had a new lineup of beers, but still had their local favorite the Revolution American IPA.  I don't know if your taste buds change or if you just gain more experience as you travel to other breweries, but on this trip the Revolution American IPA wasn't working for me.  My favorite beer this visit was the Black Mountain Dunkel with the Local Blonde as a strong contender.

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