This is the main entrance to Colonial Beach Brewing. Loved that they have Yappy Hour!

This is the main entrance to Colonial Beach Brewing. Loved that they have Yappy Hour!

Colonial Beach Brewing in Colonial Beach, Virginia was a great find.  Colonial Beach is a small tourist, beach, historic town on the Potomac River and this was the only brewery we could find.  It was a small, friendly brewery with two taprooms.  One that faced the main street and is the one most people find while the other taproom is hidden around the side of the building.

On our first visit, like most people, we found the main entrance and what I’d call their showroom taproom.  It was small, neat, cozy and mostly empty.  It turned out that the only other patron was also the owner.  He was very colorful and friendly and made good beer recommendations.  He was also a trove of information about Colonial Beach and the history of the brewery.  The bartender was also very helpful and friendly and seemed busy even though we were the only guests.  That’s how we learned there was a second taproom and the bartender was splitting his time between the two.

On our second visit, we were determined to find that side taproom.  Believe me.  It wasn’t obvious, but with a little poking around on the side of the building behind the attached defunct antique store, we found the entrance.  The side taproom was smaller, rough around the edges and full of friendly locals.  This was our taproom 🙂

The main taproom featured the work of multiple local artists.  It was bright and clean with comfortable seating both inside and outside.  The brewery had a couple of TVs, table games, and lawn games outside.  The side taproom had none of that.  It was for drinking good beer and visiting with friendly locals.

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