Asheville West KOA Review

Asheville West KOA Office - it was late October during our stay and they had decorated accordingly

Asheville West KOA Office – it was late October during our stay and they had decorated accordingly Overall Rating: ♥♥••• Address: 309 Wiggins Rd, Candler, NC 28715 Phone: 828.665.7015 Website: Verizon: ♦♦♦• WiFi: ♦♦♦•• Pros: Close to BearWaters Brewing in Canton, NC (about 6 miles away) Close (but not the closest) to downtown Asheville…

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End of the Northward Push chapter

Northward Push Chapter Map

The End of a Chapter – The Northward Push Chapter The Northward Push Chapter has come to an end and it’s time to start planning our next chapter.  What will it be?  Lora and I have always found it exciting to plan the next chapter, but before we go there here are some highlights from…

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A Weekend at Indiana Dunes State Park

We used to tent camp a lot and enjoyed staying in state parks as often as possible.  They’re in beautiful locations and offer lots of opportunities to get back to nature.  Two of our favorite state park activities have always been hiking and kayaking.  But since trading stationary life for life on the road in…

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5 Simple and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

Sometimes, when I’m bleary eyed in the morning, I struggle to figure out what to eat and end up resorting to cereal since it’s quick, doesn’t make much of a mess (which I’m highly opposed to) and the low sugar types aren’t that bad, right??  For avoiding a bout of hypoglycemia shortly after breakfast, I…

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5 Favorite Kitchen Tools … So Far

Getting ready for a little tea and espresso

Limited prep and storage space means mealtime in an RV or any small kitchen can be a little challenging.  Here On Nowhere Road, we’re always on the lookout for tools that help us streamline meal prep in limited space and keep the mess to a minimum, especially since once we’re all finished eating one of…

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Cinoton Solar LED Flame Torches

Solar torches after dark with Roxie

RECOMMENDATION: Buy RATING: ∗∗∗∗∗ Amazon Link Click Here The Cinoton solar powered LED flame torches are the most noticed and asked about RV accessory that we use On Nowhere Road.  We have four of the torches that we set out if we are staying at a site for more than just one night.  They create…

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Mysterious Orange Stove Flame

Propane Stove Flame

The other day, Lora and I noticed that our coach, Freya’s, propane stove flame was burning orange.  What th…  At first, I thought, “Dang. We’re low on propane.”  But a quick check of the propane gauge showed that we had plenty of propane. Next, we took off the stove top and looked to make sure…

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AutoMagic Power

Freyas power filter

Soooooo, this morning I was getting ready for a conference call with the guys I contract with and suddenly there was a loud crack, then static, then silence, and the TV screen was blank.  My initial thought was that a power spike had come in through the campground TV cable since everything else seemed fine. …

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Picking Up Our New Bus

Although it wasn’t perfect, as nothing is, we did fall in love with the Palazzo 35.1 and decided to take the leap and make a huge change in our lives.  Our biggest concern initially was how Roxie would take to living on the road.  When we went for the test drive, she got pretty upset…

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