Camp RiversLanding



Verizon Cell Signal




Location (if you like touristy)


Property appeal


Site quality





  • Good Verizon signal
  • Close to restaurants and attractions
  • Sites 3 to 36 are on the Little Pigeon River
  • Nice camp store
  • Friendly staff
  • Onsite tubing (seasonal)


  • Wifi - too slow to use
  • All sites but one are too narrow
  • Campground roads are crowded with vehicles
  • Terrible dog walking options
  • Neighbors incroach into your living space


Rate Paid – $84.13

Address: 304 Day Springs Rd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Phone: 800-848-9097

First Impressions:

Tight! Camp RiversLanding is very tight and depending on how your neighbors park their vehicles, you may have a hard time getting docked.  Kids!  There are kids everywhere and they will walk right through your site and in front of your car while you’re driving.


Camp RiversLanding is right downtown South Pigeon Forge close to where Rt. 411 enters the Great Smoky Mountains.  It’s close to any kind of restaurant you could imagine and tons of entertainment.  There’s a grocery store very close by and tubing right at the campground.  You can walk to get breakfast or to the closest bar.  However, the closest Walmart is about 6.5 miles away usually with heavy traffic.

Camp RiversLanding is also close to the access road (Rt. 411) leading to Gatlinburg and then into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you enjoy being in very populous, busy places, then you will enjoy this campground and Pigeon Forge.  However, if you don’t like touristy, crowded towns with lots of people and traffic, then Pigeon Forge and Camp RiversLanding might not be the right place for you.

When entering Camp RiversLanding, the first thing you’ll notice are three parking spaces for checking in and/or disconnecting your toad.  The parking spaces are on the small side and you may be blocking other traffic from entering the campground.  We found it easier to disconnect/connect our toad in the parking lot of Capt. Jim’s Seafood Buffet.  They have a big parking lot with bus parking and they were closed both times we “used” their parking lot.

One side of Camp RiversLanding borders the Little Pigeon River.  Next it has two inner rows and then a final row along the woods.  The row on the river is definitely the post popular part of the campground.  All sites are back-ins.  The campground is very tight with very narrow sites.  It’s definitely in the top three campgrounds with the skinniest sites where we’ve ever stayed. Our site was so narrow that our neighbor’s sewer hookup was actually cut into our concrete patio right next to our picnic table, yuck.

The campground has a smallish pool (full of kids), an ice-cream/snack stand, a small game room, and a medium sized covered pavilion. On the day we arrived, Camp RiversLanding also had a hot dog food truck and so I’m guessing that they have various food trucks on premise from time to time.  They also have a number of RV rentals and two rental houses.

The Camp RiversLanding’s camp store is nicely stocked with all the emergency camp supplies you may need, as well as Tshirts and souvenirs.  They also had a huge supply of beer like I’ve never seen at a camp store.  On the day we visited the store, they had farm fresh vegetables that had been delivered from a local farm that morning.  We bought some yummy tomatoes.

One important note to keep in mind is that the campground doesn’t have any overflow parking.  This means that everyone must park at their site including any guests and that makes for a crowded campground.  There is a parking lot that looks like an overflow lot, but it’s actually reserved for the hotel that’s right next to the campground.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and for a campground that was 100% occupied, they were calm and relaxed.  They answered all our questions and kindly let us know about the farm fresh vegetables that had just been delivered.

When we arrived at Camp RiversLanding, we were lucky that no one was parked in our way and we were able to back into our site without issue.  Our site was long, but as I previously mentioned, very narrow.  Had our neighbors across the road been home with their Ford F-giganticous, we would have had to ask if they would move their truck.  Have I mentioned that this campground is very tight?

Camp RiversLanding is a family campground and they lived up to that the weekend we were visiting.  This is a smallish campground and there must have been 100 kids there.  From our observations, Lora and I were the only couple there without kids.

Now, we don’t have any problem with kids … in fact, we enjoy seeing kids having fun at campgrounds.  It reminds me of when I was young and camping with my family.  However, with soooo many inexperienced campers these days not teaching or not knowing proper camping etiquette, you will have kids constantly cutting through your site,  yelling outside your window, and playing games dangerously close to your RV and car.  Our neighbors set up their yard games right behind our coach and into our space so that we couldn’t even use our fire pit without asking them to move.  In their defense, the sites are so narrow they really didn’t have a choice but to take up their yard and ours to set up their games.

Like most campgrounds, Camp RiversLanding claims to have free WiFi.  And, in fact, they do have free WiFi.  The problem is that it doesn’t work.  It took gmail over a minute to load and Amazon never loaded.  We did have good Verizon signal (3 bars) and so that saved us.  However, during high network traffic, even Verizon slowed down.

Best Sites/Worst Sites:

The best sites are the ones that line the Little Pigeon River; sites 3 to 36.  They are all back-ins and they get shorter as the site number increases.  We’re only 35 feet long and feel like we wouldn’t fit in any of the sites past site 9 with our car parked in front.  They are all narrow sites, but you’re right on the river and have a large yard behind your site.  Starting at around site 20 to 36 there is a large hotel on the other side of the river.  You still have the river, but you’ll also be looking right into the guest rooms of the hotel.  I guess that could be interesting in its own right … so don’t forget the binoculars.

We also thought site 97 was okay.  You don’t have people right on top of you, but it is backed up against the kids jumping pad and playground.  So, it’s noisy with kids all day long.

The best overall site was site 6.  It’s a back-in on the river and for some reason has a large yard.  It’s the only site with such a large yard.

Sites 70 to 96 and 114, on an inner row, are very tight, but at least they get afternoon shade on your living side.

Sites 37 to 69 are the ones against the woods on the backside of the campground.  This is where we were on our visit.  We would never, ever stay in one of these sites again.  They are very narrow and they get afternoon sun directly in your outside living space and in your windshield, if you have a windshield.  On warm and hot days, this makes your coach hot and your outside living space unusable.  I would avoid these sites if at all possible.

Final Impressions:

Camp RiversLanding is just too tight for our taste.  We constantly felt like our neighbors and their kids were right on top of us.  In general, Pigeon Forge is just too crowded with car traffic and long lines at all the popular restaurants.  We didn’t really love being in Pigeon Forge.  Lora and I are more Gatlinburg or Wears Valley type of campers.  If we did go back to Camp RiversLanding it would only be if we could get a week at a site from 6 to 9 on the river.

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