Moon over Nowhere
Moon over Nowhere

Our Vision

Lora and I have been flirting with the idea of downsizing and simplifying our lives for a few years now. Roxie? Well ... as long as she's still the Princess she'll be happy. We find ourselves in a unique position where our jobs are mobile allowing us to travel. So, we sold almost everything and bought an RV. We hope to spend the next few years learning more about ourselves and about living a more simple lifestyle. We also hope to find a new place where we can settle down and call home.

Meet Freya's Crew

Freya's crew is made up of three souls; the Admiral, the Captain, and the Seaman's Apprentice.  This crew of three can handle all the essential functions of our little vessel.

Lora and Roxie at St. Augustine

Lora Jenkins


Handles primary navigation duties as well as all command level decisions.

Duane and Fergus

Duane Jenkins


Ship helmsman, engineer, and responsible for low level ship operational decisions.

Roxie Morale Officer

Roxie Jenkins

Morale Officer and Chief Sleepologist

Roxie has the super important task of keeping spirits high even when the going gets tough.  She also acts as a model sleeper ... leading by example.